2022 04 08

a quick fix

cw: knifeplay, body horror

she's noticed something writhing inside of you, this won't do at all...

you find yourself in a familiar position, back against the soft yet firm ground, arms laid straight by your side. as your eyes adjust, you notice a figure standing a few feet away from you - her figure. she's stood at a table, gleefully arranging her instruments in a manner that pleases her.

she eventually turns to face you, her favourite knife in hand. seeing her face immediately soothes you, fills you with a deep sense of calm. it's just the two of you here, everything is going to be okay.

she sits beside you, tilting her head slightly as she looks over every inch of your perfect face, your guard lowering ever further. she basks for just a moment longer before turning her attention to your your chest. she methodically aligns the blade perfectly central to your body, just below your neckline, and once she's certain everything is as it should be, she starts gently slicing you open. you hold your breath just like you're told, the pain barely registering to you.

once the cut reaches all the way down, she washes the knife along with her hands, and once again sits beside you. she lays her hand on the wound, her fingers gradually finding their place between your skin and your ribcage. carefully, she pokes around for a little, until her face betrays a burst of excitement. she clutches on to something and guides her hand out, bringing with it a squirming, gooey mass of pitch black flesh. it's quickly placed in a jar, labelled with what you think might be today's date, before being placed proudly on her shelf.

she turns her attention to you once again, as it comes time to patch you back up. her needlework is perfect, of course, her hands seeming to dance so elegantly as you feel yourself becoming whole again. the process seems to wear you out somewhat, as she barely gets three rounds in before you start to feel drowsier and drowsier, the world around you fading.


you wake up on your sofa, feeling cozy and relaxed, her sleeping head resting on your shoulder. you daren't move in case you disturb her. after a while she move s slightly, making the cutest noise you've heard all day. you can't help but smile, as you close your eyes once again and dream.